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Makat Image Description Friendly URL(ENG) Friendly URL(HEB) MANUFACTURER CATEGORY SUB CATEGORY Camera Type Resolution [MPixel] Width [Pixel] Height [Pixel] FrameRate [f/s] Sensor Format Pixel_W[µm] Pixel_H[µm] Interface Sensor Type Color Mono Shutter_Type Bit_Depth Size Datasheet Sensor_Manufacturer Sensor_Model Type Auto Iris Mount Voltage Temp. Range Weight[g] Power Illumination_Color Line Rate [Kline/s] Pixel Rate (MHz) Freq range [MHz] Environmental Max Current Continuous Max Current Pulsed USERMANUAL

The Gardasoft VTR lights provide very powerful LED strobe illumination for traffic monitoring applications, including:

Automatic number plate recognition, Red Light Violation, Open Road Tolling and Weigh-in motion systems. The VTR2-850-12-ETH has 850nm wavelength, 12 degrees beam angles, Ethernet communication and pulsed Lighting drive power of 1210W.

VTR2-850-12-ETH VTR2-850-12-ETH Gardasoft Illumination ANPR/LPR; 246x256x50 Download 24v -20° to 60°C 2.7kg 850nm 10kHz IP66 3.2A 1210W Download