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Electronic components inspection system

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) solutions provide a high level of defect detection for microelectronics in production line.

The system covers defect types like: Incomplete coverage of the termination, Irregular termination, Presence of residues or flashes, Damaging of termination or Foreign Material, Glass coating damaged,  Missing Electro-Mechanical Layer, Illegible marking, Cracks, Holes, Missing Coating, Out of dimension.

The system allows speed of up to 1500 parts per minute.

1Vision provides an open platform with a software application which allows the customer the ability to define certain parameters for the image processing algorithms, such as: Area of interest, edge parameters and color characteristics.

The vision application stores the lots data. Lot number and part number is entered by a barcode reader.

The Lot data includes the following information: Lot number, Part number, Lot date/time, Total good parts, Total bad parts, Bad percentage, Part count for each defect, Statistical measurements data.

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