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New tech 2019 show

New tech 2019 show

28 May, 2019

Visit us at the NEW-TECH 2019 exhibition, May 29-28 TLV Convention Center Tel Aviv, Booth 38.

Deep learning seminar

19 March, 2019

1Vision will hold a half-day  free seminar to present the SuaKIT product,  a deep learning machine vision inspection software that can be used in a variety of  manufacturing fields such as display, solar, PCB, film, and semiconductors. With its intuitive UI, anyone can easily create and test deep learning models.

The seminar will be held at the West Lagoon Resort Netanya located at Kehilat Tsefat St .on March 19th,  09:00 - 14:00

For registration please email to:

DSC_4005 (1)_20190319161845.366.jpg

----DSC_3936 (1)_20190319161846.398.jpg

 -----DSC_3961 (1)_20190319161845.273.jpg------

DSC_3972 (1)_20190319161845.882.jpg


New tech 2018 show

28 May, 2018

Visit us at the NEW-TECH 2018 exhibition, May 29-30 TLV Convention Center Tel Aviv, Booth 37.

This year we are going to present the following demos:

Demo 1:

High speed camera - Optronis CP70-1-C-1000  - 1.3MP (1280*1024), CoaXPress interface, 2/3" color sensor, 1050fps,

Telecentric Lens - VS-Technology VS-THV011-220/S  Telecentric Lens for 1" sensor. 

Frame grabber -  Bitflow CYT-PC2-CXP4  Cyton Quad Channel CoaXPress frame grabber

Illumination - Metaphase  FR-SL205-W-24-W  LED Fluorescent Washdown Spot Light White +/-25° and 2 units of GL-DB11020W - 3A Mechatronic Bar Linear Led, White

Recording Software - Norpix Streampix

 IMG_4304 (2)_20180529151746.455.jpg



Demo 2:

High resolution camera - Vieworks VC-155MX-M15G1 -  155MP CMOS , B&W,  CoaXPress interface, 15fps, M72 mount.

Macro lens  - VS-Technology VS-L8528/M72 - 85mm Macro lens M72-Mount. 

Frame grabber -  Silicon-Software mE5-AQ8-CXP6D - microEnable5 CoaXPress Frame grabber, PCIex8

Illumination - 3A Mechatronic  GL-DB26020W Bar Linear Led, White


IMG_4307 (2)_20180529151106.751.jpg


New tech 2017 show

12 August, 2017

New tech show - May 2017

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